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Tue, 26 Mar 2019

BEIRA – About 1.85 million people have now been affected by Cyclone Idai and its aftermath in Mozambique alone, UN humanitarian agency OCHA said on Tuesday, as aid workers raced to fathom the scale of the disaster and determine what help is most urgently needed.

“Some will be in critical, life-threatening situations. Some will sadly have lost their livelihoods, which whilst an appalling tragedy is not immediately life-threatening,” OCHA coordinator Sebastian Rhodes Stampa said.

Idai flattened homes and provoked widespread flooding when it made landfall near the Mozambique port city of Beira on 14 March. It then ripped through neighboring Zimbabwe and Malawi

At least 686 people have been killed by the storm and its aftermath across the three countries, a figure that could rise as relief workers prepare for what they say are inevitable outbreaks of diseases including malaria and cholera.

Mozambique remains the hardest hit by the humanitarian crisis with tens of thousands of homes destroyed and hundreds of thousands displaced across an area of some 3,000 square km – roughly the size of Luxembourg.

“We can determine the size, we can’t determine the circumstance. So we’re now going out on the ground, dropping people off from helicopters to determine what the critical needs are,” Stampa said


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Mon, 11 Mar 2019
Easier #AfriTravel as Botswana teams up with Zimbabwe and Zambia in Kaza un...



In this way, the news that Botswana is thinking about being incorporated into the Kaza uni-visa is incredible news. The travel industry update reports Botswana and Zimbabwe had discourses around the visa consideration to advance amid the Bi-National Commission meeting held in Harare a week ago.

The visa is valid for nationals of 65 countries, and cost $50.

The visa appeared in 2014 and was intended to keep running as half year pilot. It as of now just exists among Zimbabwe and Zambia, is legitimate for 30-days and enables holders to complete multi day-outing to Chobe National Park in Botswana.


However, Phase 2 will see the visa extended to Angola, Namibia – now with Botswana’s willingness to join based on its possibility to great improve tourism numbers to the country.


Points of entry where the visa can be obtained



Harry Mwaanga Airport (Livingstone)

Victoria Falls Land Border

Harare Airport

Kazungula Land Border (border with Botswana)



Victoria Falls Airport

Victoria Falls Land Border

Kazungula Land Border (border with Botswana)

Kenneth Kaunda Airport (Lusaka)


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Thu, 07 Jun 2018

Harare – Zimbabwe will hold its general elections on July 30, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Wednesday, the first since the army forced 94-year-old former president Robert Mugabe to resign last November.

Mnangagwa, who became president following the military take-over, has promised to deliver on free and fair elections to win over Zimbabwe’s critics at home and abroad.



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